Each WI holds a monthly meeting and also organises social events

The annual programme of each WI is planned by its members to reflect their particular interests and thus focus on what they enjoy. With a wide variety of ages and interests each WI is therefore quite different and for this reason we encourage anyone interested in the WI to try several different WIs until they find the one that feels right for them. 


There is no requirement to choose a WI close to where you live and visitors may make 3 visits before considering whether they wish to join that WI



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Dates for the 2021 Darts League at the KGV


January 5th and 19th

February 2nd and 23rd

March 16th and 30th

April 20th

May 4th and 18th

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Programmes for forthcoming talks/demostrations


Catel: ​​Cancelled

Clos du Valle: Cancelled

GYWI: 11th The Pelvic Floor

La Mare: 8th Paws for Support 

L'Islet: 15th Tumaini Kit Workshop

St Andrews: 10th Seated Yoga

St Martins: 4th Channel Islands Airsearch 

St Saviours: 10th Eleanor Foundation

Sausmarez: 11th Stress Control and Relaxation

Vale: 10th Cookery demonstration


Catel: 1st Digging Up the Past   

Clos du Valle: 9th Birds

GYWI: 11th Laughter Yoga

La Mare: 8th Soups with a difference

L'Islet: 15th Craft Evening   

St Johns: 10th The Sea Donkey  

St Martins: 4th Guernsey Folk Lore  

St Saviours: 10th Massage/Chiropractor        

Sausmarez: 11th Jewellery making   

Vale: 10th Asian Hornets


Catel: Visit to Grow in April or May

Clos du Valle: 13th Pollinator Project

GYWI: 15th Slavery Talk and Clothes

La Mare: 15th Visit to Guernsey Woollens

L'Islet: 19th Hanging Baskets       

St Johns:14th Saving Lives

St Martins: 1st Craft afternoon       

St Saviours: 14th Teenage issues 

Sausmarez: 8th Sir John Doyle

Vale: 14th The Vale Occupied