Each WI holds a monthly meeting and also organises social events

The annual programme of each WI is planned by its members to reflect their particular interests and thus focus on what they enjoy. With a wide variety of ages and interests each WI is therefore quite different and for this reason we encourage anyone interested in the WI to try several different WIs until they find the one that feels right for them. 


There is no requirement to choose a WI close to where you live and visitors may make 3 visits before considering whether they wish to join that WI



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Dates for the 2021 Darts League at the KGV


January 5th and 19th

February 2nd and 23rd

March 16th and 30th

April 20th

May 4th and 18th

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Programmes for forthcoming talks/demostrations


Catel: 7th - A Bayfield – A Good Read 

Clos du Valle: 8th - TBA 

GYWI: 10th - Extravaganza Evening

La Mare: 21st - N Lewis – Nursery Rhymes 

L'Islet: 21st - K Rowlands - making poppies

St Andrews: 14th - Update on Tumaini    

St Johns: 9th - Restoration of the Little Chapel

St Martins: 3rd - D Baker – Linus Project

St Saviours: 9th - Beetle Drive  

Sausmarez: 10th - L Roberts - Breadmaking

Vale: 9th -  J Hyde – Cookery


Catel: 5th- It’s never Too Early for Christmas 

Clos du Valle: 13th - Guernsey Welfare Service

GYWI: 8th - Ray Watts - Life as a Farmer/AGM

La Mare: 19th - O Chesney – Seated Yoga

L'Islet: 19th - A Dyke - Guernsey Farmhouses    

St Andrews: 12th - C Guerin – Making Cards

St Johns: 14th - B Paint - Guernsey Folklore

St Martins: 1st - B Wells – Pollinator Project Man  

St Saviours: 14th - Ambolo Modinika Primary School

Sausmarez: 8th - Men’s Shed 

Vale: 14th - AGM and Supper 


Catel: 2nd  - Annual General Meeting 

Clos du Valle: 10th - Annual General Meeting

GYWI: 12th - Christmas Craft

La Mare: 16th - Annual General Meeting

L'Islet: 16th - Annual General Meeting        

St Andrews: 9th - Annual General Meeting

St Johns: 11th - Annual General Meeting 

St Martins: 5th - Annual General Meeting  

St Saviours: 11th - Annual General Meeting

Sausmarez: 12th - Annual General Meeting

Vale: 11th - Asian Hornets 


We have all enjoyed our December Christmas Parties and details of the new Programmes for 2021 will be provided here shortly. Details may also be obtained directly from the WI contacts listed on the "Find a Local WI" page.