WI locations

Catel WI Castel Douzaine Room, Castel

2pm on the 1st Monday of the month. 

Contact: Betty Watson, T: 235760, E: bwatson@cwgsy.net

Note: Please contact Betty for details of the June and July meeting venue


Clos du Valle WI St Mary's Church Hall, Sandy Lane, L'Islet

Meets on 2nd Tuesday,9.30am

Contact: Linda Brouard, T: 245086, E: lindabrouard2@gmail.com


GYWI Les Cotils Reading Room, Les Cotils, St Peter Port 

Meets on 2nd Thursday,7.30pm

Contact: Sue McGregor, T: 236193, M: 07911 727336, E: feedubois@aol.com


La Mare de Carteret WI  Castel Douzaine Room, Castel 

Meets on the 2nd Monday of each month, 7.30pm

Contact: Maureen Le Poidevin, T: 07781 404064, E: maredecarteret.wi@gmail.com


L'Islet WI Capelles Community Centre, St Sampson

Meets on 3rd Monday, 7.30pm

Contact: Margaret Helyer, T: 246451, M: 07781 154534, E: margaret_helyer@hotmail.com


St Johns WI St John's Church Hall, Les Amballes, St Peter Port

Meets on 2nd Wednesday, 7.30pm 

Contact: Olwen Lane, T: 722870


St Martins WI St Martins Community Centre, La Rue Maze, St Martins

Meets on 1st Thursday, 2.00pm

Contact: Jane Falla, T:713722, E: janefalla@gmail.com


St Saviours WI  Les Adams, Route des Adams, St Peters

Meets on 2nd Wednesday, 7.30pm

Contact: Sharon Williams, T: 710007, E: sawilliams@cwgsy.net


Sausmarez WI  Les Camps Hall, St Martins

Meets on 2nd Thursday, 7.30pm

Contact: Sarah Plumley, T:263376, M: 07781 404871, E:sarniaplumley@hotmail.com


Vale WI Vale Douzaine Room, Vale

Meets on 2nd Wednesday, 7pm

Contact: Ann Dorey, T:249071, E: jackospot@gmail.com